MAMo: Maoli Film Fest TONIGHT ONLY!


First Seating at 5:00 pm - "Family Ingredients"
First Seating at 5:00 pm – “Family Ingredients”

In honor of the eighth annual MAMo: Maoli Arts Month, Kumu Kahua Theatre and Pacific Islanders in Communications bring you the fourth annual Maoli Film Festival at Kumu Kahua Theatre. 

Second seating at 6:30 pm - "Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau"
Second seating at 6:30 pm – “Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau”


Using the medium of film to share the Hawaiian tradition of storytelling, this film festival presents authentic Hawaiian voice.  The Maoli Film Festival gives center stage to Hawaiian film makers and films about Hawaiians.

3rd seating at 8:30 pm - "The Haumāna"
Third seating at 8:30 pm – “The Haumāna”

The festival will begin this afternoon (May 3, 2014) with an evening of independent films, produced by Hawaiian filmmakers and artists.  The films presented will include: Family Ingredients at 5PM , Produced by Heather Haunani Giugni and Dan Nakasone Directed by Ty Sanga; The Haumana  by Keo Woolford at 8:30, and Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau at 6:30  by Sam George.

See the website for information as the film schedule develops.  Films will be shown in separate “seatings,” each including a feature length film.  There will be three seatings.

Tickets can be purchased at Kumu Kahua Theatre one hour prior to each seating.  Food, beer and wine will also be available for purchase prior to each seating.

Come down and join us!!!

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