First MAMo Event of the Season!

"Paliuli" by Bernice Akamine
“Paliuli” by Bernice Akamine

MAMo: Maoli Arts Month starts TONIGHT with a gallery opening at the Wailoa Arts & Cultural Center in Hilo, Hawaiʻi.  The show is entitled “Hā”, meaning “fourth” because it is the fourth year that the Wailoa Art Gallery has been a part of MAMo.  We would like to mahalo the Wailoa Arts & Cultural Center for allowing a space for our native Hawaiian artists to showcase their work.  We would also like to mahalo the curators for the show: Kaʻohu Seto, Momi Greene, and Bernice Akamine!

This year’s gallery features the following artists: Beau Jack Key, Nelson Makua, Kainoa Makua, Ski Kwiatkowski, Lehua Waipa Ah Nee, Lehua and Kilohana Domingo, Merci Manalili, Keahi Tomas, Kaʻohu O. Seto, Kanani Kaulukukui, Jimie Ramos, Moses Kealamakia, Momi, Greene, Duncan Kaʻohuokaʻala Seto, and Dean Kaʻahanui.

There will also be a one-woman show by Bernice Akamine in the Atrium Gallery (downstairs of the main gallery).  The show is entitled “Paliuli”.  “Paliuli”, refers to the story of the high chiefess, Lāʻieikawai, born one of twin sisters in Lāʻie, both children were given away at birth to prevent their execution by the hands of their father, Kahauokapaka. Upon maturity, her guardian Waka took Lāʻieikawai to Paliuli, the mythical land in the mountains of Moku O Keawe. At Paliuli, the high chiefess Lāʻieikawai lived in a house of ʻŌʻō feathers hidden from suitors by the mist of Paliuli.

Wailoa Arts & Cultural Center, 200 Piopio St., Hilo, HI 96720

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