Institute for Museum and Library Services Grant to Support MAMo 2011

PA’I Foundation is pleased to announce a generous grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services to support MAMo 2011.  The Native American/Native Hawaiian Museum Services program enables Native American tribes and organizations that primarily serve Native Hawaiians to benefit their communities and audiences through strengthened museum services in the areas of programming, professional development, and enhancement of museum services.

PA’I Foundation will plan and implement the 2011 MAMo: Maoli Arts Month. MAMo is a month-long celebration of Native Hawaiian art and artists created to meet the stated needs of the Hawaiian visual arts community by creating venues for artists to sell, demonstrate, and display their work. Working with the Bishop Museum, the Mayor’s Office of Culture and Arts, Arts at Marks Garage, and the Louis Pohl Gallery, MAMo will serve as a community-based effort to celebrate the depth, breadth, and diversity of the Native Hawaiian arts community. MAMo creates economic opportunities for Native Hawaiian artists and cultural practitioners by increasing their presence in museums and galleries and educates locals and visitors about Native Hawaiian art.

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